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Salesforce mobile app for your Franchise


The salesforce mobile app is very useful for basic lead or contact editing or even for contacting a lead or contact without having to drag out the laptop just to get a phone number.

You can access all salesforce objects that you have permission to and edit them if need be. As you can see from the screeshot this app will sync info so even when you loose an internet connection you can still access an object like a lead record. Here at FRSystems we can help with installation and configuration of the Salesforce app for Android  and iOS.Mobile app

One very useful use of this app is the ability to use it at a Franchise Show or something similar. Any potential franchisees met at a show can be entered into your CRM as a lead right there and then. This will automatically trigger any internal workflows that are setup (we do this for clients of the FRSystem). So for instance if you have an automated email that goes out to enquiries with more info about your Franchise or even your prospectus, this would automatically be sent to the lead’s email address he/she has just given you. If this lead has the email address on their smartphone/tablet this would arrive within a few seconds and can show real professionalism, with a wow factor.

Contact us if you want any more info about this or anything to do with automation of your processes.


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