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SMS Marketing…the new way to connect


SMS Marketing or mobile marketing is a great way to connect to potential customers, leads or existing contacts. A text message open rate is as high as 98% in some studies and when you compare that to email which can be anything between 10-20% then this is surely something every business should be looking into.SMS

One key thing nowadays is the rise of smartphones. Why you ask is this significant…well using short URL’s in your SMS messages, it becomes very easy to get clients and customers to tap your URL and visit a site or special offer you have. We can set this up in our own or advise on how to set it up in your own Salesforce instance.

We can even setup a mobile optimised landing page to capture basic info like name and email address for future email marketing. This can be a great way to engage with potential customers. If this could be useful to you then click here to contact us.


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