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New Salesforce1 app for iOS and Android


The excellent new Salesforce1 app is available now and enables users real-time access to all salesforce objects and records using a smartphone or tablet. The intuitive interface is optimised for easy navigation and data interaction on a touchscreen, so you can review details, update data, and create new records with a few taps. Also your own custom objects which are specific to your business are available right there in the easy to use touch interface. Salesforce1-app

You can even view your dashboards which gives you a quick overview in graphical form of your data. If you use Chatter in your organisation then you can also post updates and view your Chatter feed in real-time. Salesforce1 can even use your smartphone or tablet notifications to alert you when key events occur that you should know about or that require your attention. Examples would be when you have received an approval request or someone has mentioned you in Chatter.

This seems to be an excellent transition to mobile apps from the Salesforce Touch previously. We can help deploy this in your organisation if need be, just contact us here to get in touch, or Send us an SMS message.

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